Peas and Carrots | By Selena Rodriguez

Utter, unadulterated bliss is hard to capture. But at Mason Jar’s Yoga with a View event, it was undeniably palpable. Yoga and cannabis are like peas and carrots; that’s what one email leading up to the event claimed. And after my experience at Lone Hawk Farm, I can unequivocally agree with the sentiment. Magical things happen when a group of strangers let their inhibitions down to completely surrender to the moment. This was so much more than just a bunch of people getting stoned and doing downward dog; it was a time for connection between friends new and old, cannabis education and a normalization of adults using this plant to better their lives.

Magical things happen when a group of strangers let their inhibitions down to completely surrender to the moment.

First thing on the agenda was a trip to The Farm, a dispensary out of Boulder and a presenting host of the event. Every Yoga with a View attendee was given the opportunity to stop by to buy a 25 dollar goodie bag chalk full of cannabis goodies. The shop was open early just for the event. Buzzing energy filled the space. The budtenders greeted me warmly, eager to help. They seemed excited to be a part of this day too.

“Wow,” I said as I grabbed my hemp tote at checkout, “This bag is so cool.”

“What’s in it is even better,” the budtender assured with a grin. At that moment I knew I was in for one hell of a day.

Once I secured my provisions, it was time to head down to Lone Hawk Farm. It was a winding and scenic commute between Boulder and Longmont. One turn down a dirt road later and I landed in a pure fairytale. From the vine covered brick façades to the peacocks that call that farm home, it was a truly enchanting destination. This was the perfect spot for some marijuana-infused yoga.

When I walked up to the court yard, there were already clusters of folks mingling. And oh yeah, some were already indulging. Booths dotted the yard offering up education on their wares as well as a shared sense of pride in helping to positively shape the cannabis community. Olio Concentrates, the other presenting host for the day, echoed this desire to be a force for good in their market. They hope to provide a clean way to consume cannabis while helping their customers better understand how to responsibly consume.

Once everyone was checked in — and feeling the effects of their goodies from The Farm – it was time to get our yoga on. We laid our mats out in the beautifully refurbished Lone Hawk Farm House and settled in for the main event. Before we started our flow, we heard from Kendal Norris, Mason Jar Event’s founder. She spoke more on building bonds and fostering connection through cannabis and yoga. She gushed over Yoga with a View’s beautiful impact, citing it as her favorite event they put on.

We also heard from the marketing director for The Farm, Abel Villacorta. He spoke with great passion on how far the cannabis community has come and how far it still must go. He hopes The Farm can continue to help break down the stigma against marijuana use while keeping a philanthropic hand in their local Boulder community.

Our yoga hour was lead by Larissa Ortiz. She’s hung up her instructor hat but dusts it off once a year just for this event. She walked us through a delicious vinyasa flow. It was the perfect balance of challenging and rejuvenating. At one point, Ortiz commented with a chuckle at how impressive it was to see a bunch of stoned people perfectly balanced in tree pose. Yoga and cannabis really are the perfect pair. It becomes easy to land in your body and in that moment. It was such a refreshing time.

Once we retired to share a cannabis pairing brunch provided by Chef Daniel Asher, I got a chance to chat with some of the other folks at the event. They were in resounding consensus that they felt utterly free. Sure, you can go to a yoga class high on your own but it’s not often you get to do so knowing those around you are feeling the same way. A lot of these folks have been advocating for this plant for decades. There was pride and relief in the ability to openly enjoy cannabis.

As I left that beautifully cultivated space, I thought to myself this is what yoga is all about. I went home with a full belly and a weight off my heart. It can be easy to get wrapped up in the uncertainty of life but moments like these truly help to put things in perspective.

Yoga with a View was a great way to reflect on how far the cannabis community has come. But like Villacorta said, there’s still a long way to go. As of 2018, 30 states have legalized medical marijuana. Only nine of those have legalized recreational. That means there are still 20 states persecuting those who want to use this beneficial plant. Among those incarcerated, people of color make up an overwhelmingly disproportionate amount of the population. These are things we should all consider and try to fight. This plant should be free to enjoy to all adults. Everyone should have the opportunity to gather in a room full of high folks to sink into their fiercest warrior pose.

Photo by Selena Rodriguez.

Selena Rodriguez is a recent graduate of Colorado State University. She hopes that her Bachelor’s Degree in journalism will help her share stories and perspectives through a variety of mediums. One of her favorite pastime is wandering the Colorado wilderness with a camera at her side and her dog Mayzee in tow. Yoga outside on a beautiful day is her idea of a perfect day.