Try It On : Mohinder Shoes Review | By Lexi Reich

Because of their earthy vibe and versatility, my Mohinder Women’s City Slippers were the ultimate travel companion for the spring break road trip I took up the California coast. These shoes are the perfect slip-on between driving and stops, plus they store effortlessly in carry-on baggage.

First Stop: Joshua Tree National Park

Immersed in the beauty of the California desert, I stopped for a bite to eat at Natural Sisters Cafe after a full-day hiking excursion. Paired with athletic shorts and a sweatshirt, my Mohinders made the hiking look perfectly casual for a dine-in meal. The thin, breathable material gave my feet a much needed break from sweaty boots, but they were also durable enough for the post-dinner walk in and out of artsy shops.

Second Stop: San Luis Obispo

Traveling up the pacific coast, the tan tones of the shoes belonged in the oceanic and mountainous backdrops. Mohinder naturally dyes their shoes through a method called vegetable tanning. Handmade from fairly-compensated artisans in rural India, the ethically-sourced water buffalo leather is woven to create each individual shoe.

After a graceful afternoon soaking up greenery on the Serenity Swing in Poly Canyon, I wore a navy jumper with a jean jacket to dinner, and paired with the shoes I was able to go for a dressier look. The shoes are comfortable to travel and explore in, while also bringing in an earthy chic element.

Final Stop: Big Sur

As a typical size seven, I could barely slide my foot into an eight when I first received my pair in the mail. After days of breaking the shoes in during my trip, my foot was slowly able to fit just right as I reached my final destination. I highly recommend ordering at least two sizes up. After reaching out to the company on this, I was informed to bare through the breaking-in process because they stretch over time.

I spent the night under a canvas of stars at Kirk Creek Campground. Between sliding into my tent to grab an extra layer and relaxing outside by the fire listening to ocean waves, these shoes fit all the varying landscapes: beach, campground, tent, bathrooms … you name it and these shoes trekked it.

While the price is a bit steep at $145, you can trust the quality of the shoes and company alike. I appreciate the values of Mohinders: giving back, sustainability and natural production methods. These handmade shoes are ethically made and sourced, so you can feel good when you wear them (that is, of course, after you break them in!).

Photos courtesy of Mohinder + Lexi Reich





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