Try It On : Vasque Clarion ’88 | By Bobby L’Heureux

At first glance, the Clarion ’88 took me back to those sought-after hiking boots I always wanted as a child. Not only for the capabilities on the trail, but their classic look that says “that guy enjoys the outdoors!

After hiking for a couple hours up Vail Mountain, my feet felt amazing. The boots wrapped around each foot like gloves and were super breathable. Along with the comfort, the Clarion ’88 was especially stable on loose rock, and reliable traction meant I could trust the boots with every step. On steep pitches the heel cups locked each foot in, preventing any slipping or rubbing. The soft suede and mesh upper made the Clarion ’88 feel like it was almost broken in. Full break-in will likely happen on my next short hike.

These boots performed great for my day hike, and I imagine they would be good on an overnight backpacking trip but not ideal in wet conditions. Their light weight made it perfect to transition from the trail to my after-hike beer without changing my footwear.

Photos courtesy of Vasque Trail Footwear.

Bobby L’Heureux is the co-owner and Director of Partnerships for CO YOGA + Life™ Magazine. At the heart of his work, Bobby thrives on community and connection. He lives in the Vail Valley where he teaches yoga and runs Big Heart Big Hands, a non-profit that supports mountain safety and awareness. He is an ambassador for Lululemon Athletica Vail, and his yoga classes are always led with a big smile and a relaxed demeanor.


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