A Tangible Community : Hanuman Festival | By Tessa Powell

Hanuman Festival just finished and the buzz from the community is still in the air. Even as people fly back to their respective hometowns and studios, you can tell that this weekend had a tremendous effect on everyone in attendance. I’ve attended Hanuman before but felt like this year was especially transformative


The community was tangible. There was an air of service to each attendee from the volunteers to the organizers.  Every event felt fluid because of how supported each community member was. You could feel the service Hanuman would expect to see, and you could see it in every tent, corner and square inch of the village.


Through music we danced freely, kids played and everyone found their place. The opening Kirtan was beautiful and powerful and connected everyone who sang along.


Morning meditations were a personal highlight for me at Hanuman. It started my morning with a sense that was greater than myself. I felt more in tune with my breath because of how well we were led. The air was still and focused and so was the sense of how in tune everyone was with themselves.


The adjustments were the best part of the workshops. Despite the rooms being full to the brim in every workshop I attended, I got more adjustments and filling words than in a class at a fraction of the size.

Looking around and seeing yogis at every level was inspiring, and reminded me that we are all learning — and to never stop!

As a young person, this year at Hanuman made me believe in the long-term investment that yoga is:  Mind, body and spirit all working together to serve one another. That was my biggest takeaway, and I will carry it with me until next year. In conclusion, Hanuman was in the air, and the community served him well!

Until next year, Jai!

Photos courtesy of Hanuman Festival.