HIIT + Flow in Breckenridge | By Kat Larsen

HIIT is a high intensity workout that combines cardio and strength training to give you a total body workout. Classes vary from tabata-style intervals (20 seconds on, 10 seconds rest) to timed circuits of exercises like jump squats, floppy burpees and plank-ups.

If you’re into High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and outdoor yoga, plan on heading to Breckenridge on a summer weekend to take advantage of HIIT + Flow, a new class that combines 30 minutes of sweat with 30 minutes of yoga. All exercises are done using body weight and participants are able to pace themselves through the workout while being motivated by the yogis around them.

“There is no other class like it in the mountains,” says recent participant Ashleigh Muhlrad, a yogi from Denver. “We have workout classes like this in the city, and sometimes it’s nice to get a really good workout in, even when you are on vacation. The combination with yoga at the end makes it that much better.”

HIIT workouts have recently increased in popularity partially because of their efficiency — short, intense bursts of energy with little recovery time increases the amount of calories burned. A full body workout can be achieved in under half an hour — which can be both physically and mentally challenging.

To assist with motivation is an up-beat, high-energy playlist — new for every class, featuring the latest beats from Drake, Beyonce and Jay-Z.

“This is not your typical yoga class,” says HIIT instructor Sarah Creech. “We give shout outs to our students to motivate them and turn the music way up during the tough sequences to keep the energy flowing.”

After sweating and breathing deep with your ohmies, settle in to a 30-minute yoga practice designed to counterbalance and focus on body areas hit by the workout — think deep glute stretches, shoulder openers and pranayama with mountain views.

The class takes place outside at the base of Breckenridge Peak 9 in Main Street Station in front of Bhava Yoga, a new boutique studio in downtown Breck. The studio provides some mats but participants are invited to bring their own, plus a water bottle, sunscreen and tennis shoes for HIIT. Relax after class with a glass of Kombucha on tap in the Bhava Yoga community lounge, or snag a fresh juice nearby and take on the day.


July 21st

August 4th

August 18th

September 1st

10:30AM – 11:30AM

 To pre-register: www.bhavayogaco.com

Photos by Kat Larsen and Emily Baughman.



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